CFO Outsourcing

CFO Outsourcing - is a unique service directed to those enterprises, which in their operations need management information, but their size does not justify appointing a position of CFO or finance function.

In frames of CFO Outsourcing, the client can pick particularly interesting for him areas of activity of own enterprise, and consequently together with OmniFin agree on scope and periodicity of reports. Basic, separated by us categories of the management information are the following packs:

  • cash budget - covering planning and management of financial means. The pack consists of weekly reports on inflows and outflows, weekly report on trade receivables analysis and trade payables report.
  • working capital - meaning reporting in scope of inventories management. The client receives report on inventory rotation and analysis of cash conversion cycle.
  • efficiency analysis - provides support for enterprise for verification of profitability of ongoing activity and planned businesses. This pack includes monthly reports on profitability of operations at each level of income statement and upon request an analysis of financial plans for future ventures.
  • financing - analysis of expenses related to financing of activity and maintaining relevant level of liquidity. The pack covers analysis of internal cost of financing and analysis of interest and forex expenses.

With using the full package of CFO Outsourcing, the client is receiving an tailored reporting system (not necessarily confined to the frames specified above), and dedicated representative of OmniFin remains to disposal in scope of commenting the reported results and current support.
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