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The clients running enterprises obliged to maintain full commercial books, we offer a complex assistance in scope of accounting. A wide variety of additional and supplementary services - like tax optimization, CFO Outsourcing or payroll services enable our clients to focus fully on enterprise development with no apprehension about legal safety of their finance. Many companies have already come around that OmniFin is actually much more than just bookkeeping.
Bookkeeping of Adam's enterprise is no mysterious magic, but - as he himself concluded - he prefers to depute it to someone reliable. Running a small business, he knows that he cannot afford any dispute with state organs and he has no time for clearing issues in tax offices.

Simplified bookkeeping

We know very well that any individual business is really exceptional. It is the reason why at OmniFin we have prepared an open offer - adjusted each time to the needs of our client. If you are considering to launch a business in Poland, you can be sure we can take care of keeping you secure from the negative effects of inappropriate running the books. We actively advise and remind the duties, so that each entrepreneur felt freedom of developing an own business.
Alicja is a woman of success. She manages a capital entity and expects an outstanding quality from an accounting firm. In professional life there is no room for compromise, therefore she seeks a reputable accounting practice that would be recommended by others.

Commercial books

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  • Help in any areas related to the finance

    I have been cooperating with OmniFin for almost two years now. While rendering the services, the OmniFin representatives do not just follow a confined scheme of duties,...

  • Efficient communication

    Our decision to take advantage of the cash management service offered by OmniFin appeared to be an optimal solution. While not hiring any personnel for administrative or...

  • Good partner

    Through the years of our co-operation, we have valued the fact that the OmniFin team is close to our issues and problems. This has helped to work out best solutions for...

  • Professional services

    I gladly confirm our lasting satisfaction with the professional services of OmniFin. OmniFin has played a crucial role in establishing our local business in Poland....

  • Solid approach

    We decided to acquire the CFO Outsourcing service - offered by OmniFin, with a dose of hesitation, whether it meets our expectations. Our initial doubts quickly...

  • High level of the services

    Based on our cooperation so far, I can confirm the high level of the services supplied by OmniFin, both - at the stage of creating a business project and in running...

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At OmniFin we value our extensive experience on each competence level of enterprise finance. We observe this as a huge advantage for us and for our clients. Our domain remains our passion, which we attempt to manifest through the way we provide our services.