Help in any areas related to the finance

I have been cooperating with OmniFin for almost two years now. While rendering the services, the OmniFin representatives do not just follow a confined scheme of duties, but try to help in any areas related to the finance of my enterprise. I really appreciate such attitude, because in course of our cooperation it contributed many times to solve problems"

Barbara Danek - entrepreneur - “Polish Folk" shop at the Wroc³aw Airport

Efficient communication

Our decision to take advantage of the cash management service offered by OmniFin appeared to be an optimal solution. While not hiring any personnel for administrative or finance service to our office, our firm - thanks to support from OmniFin - can process payments, forecast financial situation and monitor collection of receivables. Thanks to efficient communication and friendly reporting templates of OmniFin, we are on daily basis aware of our situation and short-term financial perspective. The full outsourcing of our personnel and finance matters to OmniFin enables us to focus exclusively on matters related to profile of our company, which is crucial for cost optimization and rapid growth in case of a team of few members that our firm is.

Patryk Chamuczyński - CEO - Radytek

Good partner

Through the years of our co-operation, we have valued the fact that the OmniFin team is close to our issues and problems. This has helped to work out best solutions for us and is giving a daily comfort that our matters are handled with proper attention. The personal approach and the fact that conversation and documents can be in English, makes OmniFin a good partner for me as a foreign investor in Poland.

Louis van der Hoeven - Real Estate and Capital Investor (the Netherlands)

Professional services

I gladly confirm our lasting satisfaction with the professional services of OmniFin. OmniFin has played a crucial role in establishing our local business in Poland. Thanks to high competence and smooth communication with OmniFin specialists, at each stage we have had comfort that we understand, where we are and what steps are in front of us. Definitely, the attitude of OmniFin team is of kind that is sought and expected by most organizations investing in Poland from abroad.

Audun Fosselie Hansen - CEO - Simula Innovation (Norway)

Solid approach

We decided to acquire the CFO Outsourcing service - offered by OmniFin, with a dose of hesitation, whether it meets our expectations. Our initial doubts quickly vanished, because of very solid approach by OmniFin to handling this service. From the perspective of already more than two years long cooperation, we qualify this solution as optimal for a company like ours. Thanks to it we stay flexible, and simultaneously we receive a high quality - where each of our problems is considered and solved with relevant attention.

Marcin Wojczyński - General Manager - SMG Polska sp. z o.o.

High level of the services

Based on our cooperation so far, I can confirm the high level of the services supplied by OmniFin, both - at the stage of creating a business project and in running daily bookkeeping as well. We could highlight the outstanding organizational culture - combined with an excellent knowledge of the tax and accounting regulations in force, especially with respect to lawful, practical execution of these regulations.

Krzysztof Cie¶lak - CEO - Nestcon sp. z o.o.

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At OmniFin we value our extensive experience on each competence level of enterprise finance. We observe this as a huge advantage for us and for our clients. Our domain remains our passion, which we attempt to manifest through the way we provide our services.