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Our decision to take advantage of the cash management service offered by OmniFin appeared to be an optimal solution. While not hiring any personnel for administrative or finance service to our office, our firm - thanks to support from OmniFin - can process payments, forecast financial situation and monitor collection of receivables. Thanks to efficient communication and friendly reporting templates of OmniFin, we are on daily basis aware of our situation and short-term financial perspective. The full outsourcing of our personnel and finance matters to OmniFin enables us to focus exclusively on matters related to profile of our company, which is crucial for cost optimization and rapid growth in case of a team of few members that our firm is.

Patryk Chamuczyński - CEO - Radytek

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CFO Outsourcing

CFO Outsourcing - is a unique service directed to those enterprises, which in their operations need management information, but their size does not justify appointing a position of CFO or f...




In course of our cooperation with clients in maintaining the books and finance management, on current basis and actively we analyze the tax situation of enterprises. We help in tax planning...

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At OmniFin we value our extensive experience on each competence level of enterprise finance. We observe this as a huge advantage for us and for our clients. Our domain remains our passion, which we attempt to manifest through the way we provide our services.