More than just bookkeeping – much more!

A respOnsible approach towards duties is a basic value in our team
We Minimise the risks of our Customers’ activities owing to the team of professionals
We do Not finish our work with calculating our Customers’ taxes but we build relationships and we want to support them every day in their businesses
We Inform our Customers about important changes in law
Our Customers’ Finances are important to us because we want them to grow in their businesses
We Invest in our development so that our personnel and our tools are suitable for a modern organisation
We are Not a bookkeeping company in a traditional meaning, we are, first of all, a company supporting our Customers’ activities

Our Offer

OmniFin guarantees the comprehensive handling of economic entities in the field of finances and bookkeeping, and personnel and payroll. We offer many specialised services to our Customers in one place. We supplement the standard activity scopes with a series of additional solutions useful in business optimisation.

Those who recommend our services

For more than 10 years of our activity, we have gained the trust of over 100 companies. We conduct our activity based on recommendations. Thank you for your appreciation!

We have been cooperating with OmniFin since 2014. Their professional services have facilitated the correct and timely fulfilment of our obligations towards offices and financial institutions. As a medium-sized manufacturing plant we are forced to take quick decisions within our operational activities – ongoing, but also those connected with investments and finances. The comprehensive knowledge and professional advice of our partners from OmniFin allowed us to optimise such decisions on many occasions.

Jerzy Sajewicz, MARKUS Sajewicz sp. z o.o.

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OmniFin has contribute to the successful and effective operation of our branch office in Poland. The experience and knowledge of OmniFin's specialists guarantee the services will be provided in a professional way, u pto the highest standards and taking care of the our interest. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Lim Yun Ki – ShinSung Engineering

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OmniFin is a partner which helps me verify my ideas and plans but also I can always count on presenting to me the directions which I could not see myself – because I am not so familiar with the legal regulations or specific legal solutions. This expert knowledge is crucial and it ensures high comfort in undertaking new activities.

Przemysław Kukiełka, LuxRE sp. z o.o.

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OmniFin has been providing services to my companies within bookkeeping and personnel and payroll for nearly five years. Right from the beginning of our cooperation, we have had a very kind relationship, and the services were performed with top quality standards and understanding. But what is most important to me is the fact that I can always count on the very competent support from OmniFin in taking my strategical decisions.

Konrad Bojakowski, inMotion Group

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Our partners from OmniFin are always familiar with our matters and they approach all of them professionally. We know exactly what standard we can expect – and we have never been disappointed. What is more, they are available to us despite many other obligations and customers. We are more than grateful!

Agnieszka and Dariusz Skoracki – AD Homes, real estate sector

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For 10 years, I have been the customer of OmniFin accounting company, and to be more precise, I am a very happy customer because:

• OmniFin provides exceptionally professional, reliable and polite services;
• All the services are always performed on time, and even before the deadline;
• Their employees are always available to the customer in an office, by telephone and e-mail in working hours, and in emergencies also outside working hours. I had a situation when I asked for advice on a very important matter e.g. in the evening hours or in the weekend and I have never been refused to get help;
• Documents required e.g. for credit or leasing purposes have always been prepared at my request instantaneously;
• I receive an annual tax statement much earlier than required, so I have plenty of time to prepare for an annual tax payment if its amount is high;
• I can always count on professional tax consulting in a kind and patient manner and at time convenient to me;
• Owing to the help of OmniFin employees I received a large financial support from the protective shield for entrepreneurs. OmniFin filled in the documents for me without any extra charge for this time-consuming service;
• OmniFin employees improve their skills and extend their knowledge on a continuous basis through participating in training;
• When I enter OmniFin office, I can feel a pleasant atmosphere between employees and kindness towards customers, we are not treated as intruders but we receive attention and care. It can be seen that this Company is based on a good cooperation with customers, what provides me with a precious feeling of safety and peace and quiet as far as the finances of my company are concerned;
• The Company is based in a spacious and stylish office in the city centre with convenient access and a nearby car park.

Hanna Baurowicz-Fujak : Sworn translator of English CONTINENTAL Language School

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Owing to OmniFin, I do not have to worry whether my business is treated with proper attention – the same attention which I would pay myself. Depending on the complexity level of a given matter, proper personnel is appointed and they inform me accordingly. This facilitates my everyday work because I can focus on other things.

Zabobrze Jelenia Góra Pharmacy – network of pharmacies

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